Thursday, January 7, 2016

Ear, Eye, Arm plot summary through chapter 27

Tell what happened to the children in Dead Man's Vlei? The children were kidnapped by these men and their talking blue monkey, they brought to Dead Man's Vlei where the She Elephant was waiting. They were given different cloths to were and then given food to eat but Rita didn't want to eat their food. Tendai had to work under ground when he found a ndoro in the water, he then tore a piece of is shirt off and tied the ndoro around his neck. Tendai left the underground tunnel and went to go get Rita and Kuda, Granny was telling them stories and once she was done, Tendai explained that the She Elephant was going to give them to the masks, and Kuda didn't know who the masks were and so Rita told him "Horrible, horrible gangsters! They cut off people's ears and things!" " Shut up you're frightening him" said Tendai. "He should be frightened. They'll chop us into little bits." "I want Mama!" cried Kuda. The Trashman straightened up as if he were given an order, Trashman scooped up the little boy and carried him off. Tendai and Rita tried to stop him but they were to far to hear them and so they followed them. So Granny let them go. It wasn't long after they left when the She Elephant noticed and she went after them.
Tell how the children escaped Deadman's Vlei. After Rita scared Kuda, Tendai and Rita followed Trashman and Kuda to a bus stop, a bus pulled up and they started talking and then they saw the She Elephant, and so they jumped on the bus and got away.
Tell what happened to the children in Resthaven. In Resthaven, Kuda stayed with Trashman, Rita was  a waitress, for the men and boys, and Tendai was treated like he was royal. everyone thought Tendai came from a family of witches, and the ndoro made them believe even more. Rita she didn't get a lot of good food so she tried to eat some of Tendai's food, she was caught, and the women heated up peanut shells and burned her with them. Tendai nor Rita knew where kuda was, they just assumed that he was with Trashman.
Tell how the children escaped Resthaven. Tendai and Rita acted like boogie men and Myanda helped them do it. She is the one who opened the door for them to go.